Why RentTransaction?

Domain Expertise

Only platform available that solves problems around the entire rent transaction experience. Our technology, finance and business professionals know that rent is more than a payment – it’s a transaction.

Customer Service and Support

It’s more than just providing the right answers and competitive pricing. It’s about working with our clients to find the best solutions. Our friendly, multilingual customer service and support team understands that providing great customer service is a continuous learning process.

Innovative Platform Features

The RentTransaction platform has all of the features needed to set a property manager up to succeed. Additional features and plugins can be added-on with the click of a button.

Competitive and Transparent Pricing

It shouldn’t be rocket science to figure out what you are billed. We offer a straightforward pricing schedule to empower property managers and add value to their businesses.

Our Solutions

Our original solutions and turnkey platform gives property managers a 360-degree edge for handling rent transactions by dedicating our focus and approach to: Online Payments and Transaction Facilitating.

Transaction Facilitating

Bank Account Management
Fee Management
Notification Management

Online Payments

Cost-effective payments that work with any budget, property, lease or transaction
All major credit cards, including: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express
Affordable eCheck/ ACH

Property Management Solutions | Add-on

Service Requests
Document Storage

How It Works

Getting started with RentTransaction is straightforward:

Step 1

Click the “Get Started Now” button. Complete the form and submit it.

Step 2

You’ll receive an email with additional setup instructions.

Step 3

Complete any additional information and submit.

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